Wayfare West
Wayfare West

Laura B Stull
Navigator & Graphic Designer
Outdoor adventurer & crosser of questionable borders
Lover of fireflies and aged gummy bears


A graphic designer by trade, I left my studio job in Portland, Oregon, to take my creativity on the road. I’ve sailed my way along the Baja Peninsula, backpacked solo through Spain & Portugal, and moved abroad to teach English in South America, fueling my curiosity and igniting an insatiable wanderlust. Embarking upon this adventure with Wayfare West has allowed me to indulge my love of travel and passion for design.


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Nathan P Wallace
Driver, Photographer & Conservationist
Wordsmith, reveler & purveyor of general merriment
Smooth music and inclement weather enthusiast


Whether writing poetry, failing out of multiple music schools, or listening to the entire Steely Dan catalogue, I sowed the seeds for my true passion from a young age. Years later in the crucible of the New Zealand countryside, my love for conservation and photography was forged. Now as a seasonal field biologist for the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife, I can now pursue the two-edged sword that is my passion and career.


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